NOLAN : Warehousing - Sites In Great Britain


Sites In Great Britain


John Raymond’s development from a predominantly regional industrial haulier, into a leading-edge 21st century logistics provider, has been accelerated by the establishment 100,000 square feet of food grade warehousing

These Sites Offer:

  • Both racked and block-stacked storage
  • Container de-stuffing
  • Pallet stripping and rebuilding
  • Suitable for UK RDC facilities
Nolan warehousing
Nolan warehousing

All activities are completed and monitored by a state of the art Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Both Long And Short Term Storage Is Available:

  • From 1 week to a 15 year lease
  • Store upwards of 10,000 pallets at any given time
  • Transporting a single pallet to a full load