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Client Integration

Customer Portal

Our web-based Customer Portal gives our customers, access to real time information on the location and status of their shipments. Customers have visibility at all times of planned, live, completed and archived shipments.

Our customers can login at any time and see all active shipments which is LIVE from our TPS System. With this facility you can track all your live jobs, You can see all your jobs and the stages of those jobs in Real Time and you can track individual Trucks via mobile text. With Customer Portal you can see the exact position and information of a truck while in transit.

nolan customer portal


Our Customer Portal gives our customers, not only access to real time information on the location and status of your load but also provides you with access to all paperwork relevant to that load. Features of this module include:

  • Facility to view your past POD’s and Invoices.
  • Facility to search for an invoice with our easy to use search facility.

The invoice shows up in PDF format that you can download and print for your own records


These PODs are in affect real time POD’s which automatically upload to the Customer Portal for our customers to view. Our customers can in affect bill their customers upon deliveries as POD’s are instantly in place and gone is the waiting for, processing, reprocessing, or misplacing POD’s.


All of our software and data is backed up on the hour, along with a full backup daily. All of this data is backed up and archived in our disaster recovery site (DRS).


As all our essential I.T. systems are managed in house with bespoke software we can provide our customers with bespoke reporting configured to whatever parameters the customer requires.

We can generate a monthly / weekly report for you with the information you need at a time when you need it. As all our software is bespoke, we can provide you with a report for whatever range needed and we can get that report automatically sent to you at a time that suits you.