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We have over 700 tractor units and over 2000 trailers, all asset owned.

This fleet of vehicles allows us to satisfy our customers needs as we can provide them with a driver accompanied full load, multi delivery service to / from Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe, along with a part load (i.e. 1- 10 pallets) delivery service between Ireland and the UK.

As we have a large fleet of trucks on the road everyday we can be at any collection point in Ireland within 2-4 hours, 4-8 hours in the UK , 8-24 hours in Northern Europe and 1-2 working days for Southern Europe.

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2700+ Asset Owned Transportation Units

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Specialist Transport Services

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100,000+ Freight Loads Annually

Curtainsiders / Euroliners

Loads Carried

  • Food & Drink
  • Industrial goods
  • Packaging
  • Timber
  • Textiles

Trailer Dimensions


Internal Loading Length - 13.6 metres
Maximum Loading Width - 2.5 metres
Maximum Loading Height - 2.6 metres


Internal Loading Length - 13.6 metres
Maximum Loading Width - 2.5 metres
Maximum Loading Height - 3.0 metres

Temperature Controlled Units

Loads Carried

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Drink
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Meat Products
  • Marine

Trailer Dimensions

Internal Loading Length - 13.2 metres
Maximum Loading Width - 2.5 metres
Maximum Loading Height - 2.6 metres

Insulated Supercube Secure Box Vans

Loads Carried

  • High Tech Hardware & Software
  • Food & Drink
  • Electronics
  • Air Freight by road
  • Retail Goods

Trailer Dimensions

Internal Loading Length - 13.4 metres
Maximum Loading Width - 2.45 metres
Maximum Loading Height - 2.7 metres


Loads Carried

  • Building Products
  • Processed Metals
  • Horticulture
  • Special Projects

Trailer Dimensions

Length - 13.6 metres
Width - 2.55 metres
Height From Ground - 1.5 metres
Maximum Loading Height (Europe) - up to 2.6 metres
Maximum Loading Height (UK) - up to 3.15 metres

Extendable Flats

If you have a load that is out of gauge, please contact our transport department

Step Frame Machine Carriers

Loads Carried

  • Heavy Industry
  • Engineering
  • Construction Industry
  • Special Projects

Trailer Dimensions


NECK (Front Top) 4.30 metres
STEP DOWN 0.80 metres to BED
BED 9.30 metres
WIDTH 2.55 metres


NECK 3.50 metres
STEP 0.80 metres
BED 7.70 metres
TAIL 1.40 metres
WIDTH 2.55 metres

45ft High Cube Distribution Box Containers

These Boxes are the most suitable for palletized goods, offering the highest cubic capacity of any 45ft box in the European market while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Trailer Dimensions

Internal Length 13.55m
Internal Width 2.47m
Internal Height 2.695m
Loading capacity: 90.2m²

Floor can accommodate either 34 euro pallets measuring 1200mm x 800mm or 26 standard pallets measuring 1200mm x 1000mm

Skelly Container Chassis Trailer for 45ft and 40ft Containers

Benefits at a glance:

  • Robust: payload- and weight-optimised, diagonally braced frame
  • Efficient: easy operation, low maintenance, maximum uptime
  • With certificate of exemption: the S.CF 45’ EURO LIGHT also carries 45’ containers with a short tunnel or straight edges

Trailer Dimensions:

Permissible / technical axle load 24,000 kg 27,000 kg
Permissible / technical trailer load 11,000 kg 12,000 kg
Permissible / technical total weight 35,000 kg 39,000 kg
Unladen weight basic configuration 4,250 kg
Fifth-wheel height, unladen 1,100 mm
Fifth-wheel height, laden 1,075 mm
Low bed loading height, unladen 1,100 mm
Low bed loading height, laden 1,075 mm
Crank height 120 mm
Body height at front frame neck incl. pick-up plate (neck height) 130 mm
Front beam 1,695 mm
Wheelbase 7,430 mm
Front axle spacing 1,410 mm
Rear axle spacing 1,310 mm