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Compliance & Quality

Our most experienced people head up our Compliance Team which oversees this crucial area. They are responsible for achieving and maintaining our internal and external Quality Accreditations.


To ensure our drivers are fit for purpose and meet industry standards, they complete an intensive driver training and induction programme when they start working with the company. All drivers undertake a classroom based instructional presentation before they sit in a truck. Once they have clearly understood all aspects of the classroom elements, they are evaluated by one of our qualified instructors who will conduct a practical driver assessment. Drivers start with coupling a truck to a trailer and will be assessed on their use of mirrors and understanding of blind spot elimination with a particular emphasis on vulnerable road user safety, they are then assessed on the un-coupling of the trailer at the end of the assessment. Following a demonstration of their daily checks of the truck, trailer and load restraints, the driver then drives on a predetermined test route as part of a road risk assessment and training needs analysis. This route includes both rural and urban roads, so the assessor is able to assess the driver on a wide array of listed driving aspects, again with an emphasis on the protection of vulnerable road users. An assessment is then carried out on securing a load on all type of trailers for all type of loads. Each trailer and each load is to be secured differently which will assess the driver’s skill and knowledge of loads they have dealt with in the past.


Nolan is committed to the application of the Principles of Safety, Health & Welfare in the workplace and understands that its operations have an impact on the local and global environment and is committed to the continual environmental improvement of its activities in all aspects of the business.

We consider health and safety at work and environmental responsibility to be core values of good management practice to the mutual benefit of all. It is our policy to promote standards of health and safety and environmental awareness within the workplace and our industry which will lead to the avoidance or reduction in risk to the safety, health and welfare of all persons connected with our operations. We have a full time Health, Safety and Environmental Manager who reports directly to the Management Team and Executive Management. They are responsible for carrying out risk assessments and Method Statements for all aspects of our business. An area focused on in particular is Driver Training, Load Security with regular customer visits to review driver

Quality Accreditations

ISO 9001:2008 – Quality System
ISO 14001 – Environmental
ISO 45001 – Occupational Health &
Safety Management
Fleet Operator
Recognition Scheme
GDP – Good Distribution Practice
IRU Academy Accreditation:
Safe Loading and Cargo Securing