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Health & Safety Policy Statement

NolanTransport.com is committed to the Principles of Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental Protection in the workplace. Our aim is to prevent occupational accidents, injuries, illnesses or unnecessary environmental damage. We consider health and safety at work and environmental protection to be a core value of good practice and a mutually beneficial objective of management, staff and clients. It is our policy to promote health and safety and environmental protection standards within our workplace and industry.

NolanTransport.com will manage health, safety and environmental protection throughout every phase of our job operation through a managed partnership approach involving our clients, staff and the regulatory agencies we engage with.

NolanTransport.com recognises that the responsibilities for employee health and safety, and protection of the environment, require the constant and continuing effort of management and employees from this company.

NolanTransport.com accepts its responsibility to lead in the promotion and practice of its health and safety and environmental protection programme.

NolanTransport.com shall comply strictly with all legally mandatory and generally accepted safe work practices and procedures for the protection and promotion of the safety and health of its employees and others, who may be affected by our activities. NolanTransport.com personnel will strictly adhere to all safety and health standards, and site rules and procedures. Employees at all levels shall work conscientiously and diligently to implement our safety and health and environmental protection policy.

NolanTransport.com shall promote and enforce the development, dissemination, implementation, effectiveness and improvement of its HS&EP programme. We shall ensure that that each partner in the shared responsibilities attains the goal to prevent human suffering, and to limit losses by exemplary leadership in the prevention of accidents, injuries, illness and environmental damage.