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Oaklands Garage maintains a modern fleet of almost 1000 trailers and over 400 trucks, which are working throughout Ireland, UK and Europe each day. The Oaklands Garage fleet is of the highest standard and capable of carrying the most sensitive of products. We are an approved and trusted carrier for some of Irelands' largest Blue Chip companies and some of Europe's largest multinational companies.

The diesel engine is the workhorse powering Nolan Transport trucks. This combined with our in-house team of specialized Technicians, based in Co. Wexford, is the back bone of Nolan Transport. We pride ourselves on this methodology, hence ensuring piece of mind for our customers while maximizing on time deliveries and minimizing any possibility of breakdowns.

Our team of over 40 specialized technicians' primary focus is in preventative maintenance. By focusing on such, we are guaranteeing minimum possibility of breakdowns, delays in pick-ups and deliveries. In order to adapt to continuous changing industry needs and new technologies our technicians must be increasingly versatile. Our technicians carry out all maintenance on our trucks and trailers, from basic electrical problems to full engine rebuilds.

Truck maintenance is becoming increasingly more complex, as more electronic components are used to control the operation of an engine. For this reason we have the most up to date methods and technology to assist in our diagnostics process.

Because of continual advances in automotive technology, our technicians must regularly learn new techniques to repair and maintain our vehicles. Our expert technicians carry out continuous training ensuring they are currently 100% up to date with all new and up-dated technology in relation to diagnostics and the latest truck management technology. This is our way of ensuring that all our Trucks and Trailers are maintained to the highest possible standards thus being serviced 4 times per year, guaranteeing minimum possibilities of any problems while they are on the road.