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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

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Track your Live Jobs

With this facility you can track all your live jobs. You can see all your jobs and the stages of those jobs in Real Time with the help of Sat Tracking with Google Maps. Want to know where your delivery is? With Customer Portal you can see the exact position and information of a truck while in transit.

Enter a Job

You can skip the middle man and even book your own jobs or just view the details of jobs you have already booked. You can enter in a new job with our user friendly system. Once you are happy with your job you can pass it of to our inhouse operations team to do the rest. You can also view details from all of your previous jobs.

Get your Paperwork

You can view your past POD's and Invoices online. You can search for an invoice with our easy to use search facility. The invoice shows up in PDF format that you can download and print for your own records.

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